Kaleidoscope Mexican Cantera Opal Amulet

Feel the tide of light energy that opal is said to impart. Let negativity fade away and open up to more creativity and positivity into your life. These unique opals, still in the stone of their origin, offer a unique peek into the partly hidden section of opal. Add the matching Pendant to complete the bundle.

This is a one of a kind item.

Is it okay to buy an opal for yourself?
  • Contrary to what many may think, buying an opal for yourself is wonderful and it can also be great for sharing. 
  • My customer, Mindy H. purchased an opal bracelet for herself. She loves it and has also shared that she, her daughter and granddaughter all take turns wearing it!
  • It's also thought that dealers of diamonds and other gemstones spread false rumors about opals to protect their market share. 
  • Myths about misfortune and opals started long ago. In 1829 Sir Walter Scott’s novel, Anne of Geierstein, the Baroness dies after her magical opal loses its color. The public then started thinking opals brought on bad luck. Not true.
Why Sheila Marie Opals?

  • Find the only opal in the world like it. One of a kind stones for one of a kind humans
  • Pure Opals set in Hypoallergenic Silver or Gold. Leave-on wearability with last-forever durability.
  • Heirloom Opals: Because you're not another boring "gold-bar" necklace girl.

Can I wear an opal if it's not my birthstone?
  • Myths of misfortune started long ago, as mentioned above. Sir Walter Scott's novel, Anne of Geierstein, has the Baroness dying when her opal loses its color. This is fiction, not real life.
  • It's also been speculated that dealers of diamonds and other gemstones spread false rumors to protect their market share. 
  • I was born in March. Some of my customers have October birthdays, but most do not. 
Are opals too fragile to wear on a regular basis?
  • Opals are 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, harder than turquoise, which is 5 to 6 on that scale. I wouldn't consider that delicate or fragile.
  • I have personally worn opals in the shower, doing housework and other tasks and have never had a problem with any opal.
  • I would avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and hitting them directly on hard surfaces and will serve you fine.
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Can opals be worn in cold temperatures?
  • I live in Wisconsin where winters very easily get below zero and I have never had any problems with any opal. I wear my opals in winter and have never had an opal damaged by the cold.
  • I also tested all of my varieties in the freezer for two weeks, again, no damage even when I warmed them quickly in my hands. 

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Sandi Jo

Ukrainian Opal Charm for Pets

I love the charm I bought that is for helping pets in Ukraine. I also love the eclectic variety of opal jewelry she has available. I'm looking forward to shopping again.

Ukrainian Ethiopian Opal Charm - Sheila Marie Opals
Ukrainian Ethiopian Opal Charm for Pets
Mindy H.

Out of the Blue Ethiopian Opal Bracelet

The color and the quality of the bracelet I bought are great. Apparently my daughter and granddaughter agree because all three of us are sharing, taking turns wearing it!

Karrie M.

Light and Shiny Mexican Opal Earrings

The Mexican Opal earrings I have from her are really nice. I love the shape and color. I've also found great gifts from the Ethiopian Opal Collection. The rainbow designs make such great gifts.

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