Hello, I'm Sheila Johnston



My Story

I love the joy and excitement of travel. There's little better for me than the rush to your senses you feel when you step off the airplane to explore some place exotic and new. My most vivid memory of this kind of experience was the first time I landed in Mexico. Many years ago I went there for an emmersion stay to learn Spanish. At the time I had never experienced anything quite like it. I knew that at some point in my life I wanted to create a business that not only quenched my thirst for travel, but that made a connection between the country where I live and the other countries where I love to travel. The photo below is from Panama.



My purpose
My goal is to capture and provide you with a similar joy and excitement that I feel when designing and sourcing my opal jewelry. If you like opals and also like the originality of unique or unusual types of opals that most have probably never seen, you're in the right place. My jewelry and the opals that you'll find in my collections are not only unique in design, but are also unique in the types of opals that are used. Different from the more common opals you often see in most jewelry stores.
I have developed deep relationships with my partners who supply me with the opals I use to make my jewelry and the other finished opal jewelry that I carry. I also believe that in a small way we are connecting the world and creating a better understanding of other cultures and people. And of course, providing the greatest variety of opal jewelry you've ever seen! 


I love using an extensive variety of opals for my jewelry.  Most I bet you've never seen before!



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In my studio



My partners from Mexico, Itzel and Roman, along with my husband Tom, on our way back from Tequisquiapan, Mexico in 2015.



No opal jewelry collection would be complete without opals from Australia.  Janice Evert crafts stunning pieces with Queensland Boulder Opals  in sterling silver.



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